Welcome to Marbaiya Gents Center

You are welcome in marabiya centre for men,which offers all the services of men with the latest standards and carefully selected best equipment, which had been specially ordered from Italy and affordable for all. Where the center also deals with major companies in the world for cosmetics and skin care, nails, hair, and those (MATRIX. Baolaj. L'Oreal. Dior. Riedkn. Kirastas). The Centre has the capacity for absorbing high as it can provide its services for 15 people at once.

Marabiya Center was established for men in late 2010. The decor and design founded by engineer Hussam Abdullah Jereidli (Group President Marbaiya).

The center was joined to another set of Marbaiya, which provides for the strategic plan to set up the company and at least one every year and has designed luxurious decor and expensive. Away from the common practice of regular saloon. Where the use of wood lot and marble and fiber-optic of the roof until the Department of Moroccan bath has been used crystal inside to be the most luxurious bath is Salon in Dubai, and the Department of cuticles, massage and nail care has been used most prestigious hardware and equipment ordered specially from Italy, even the chairs of those departments equipped with machines massage The Jacuzzi was equipped with a number 7 screens to enable customers to follow up on any match or event while on the services of the Centre and the Centre to provide all services for men and by browsing this site you can see a list of services and prices.

And becoming the center of Marbaiya for men and one of the most prestigious centers of men in Dubai.